Bieber Tries Hand At Poker

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Many times celebrities often dabble in poker which makes news worldwide.

The latest entrant in this category is Justin Bieber. The 22 year old artist who has been an international sensation from his early boyhood was seen this week at the Leicester Square casino. He was found playing at the casino in London till the early hours of the morning. Trying his hand at a poker game was definitely enough to get the rumor mills running about him dabbling in the game.

He has been in London for a while now and has been playing gigs in packs out clubs and halls. The poker game was purely indulgence and it probably helped him to relax and focus his mind at the same time. He came by at the Empire Casino in Leicester Square in London. He started to play in the early hours of Monday. That day he had been found playing at gigs in town. He has put up at a rented mansion in the north part of the city recently. His fashion always makes news and this trip also has got the fans interested to see what he is wearing. At the casino he flaunted ripped jeans, grey beanie and maroon hoodie.

Playing the Texas Hold’em game with a bunch of friends as well as members from the public piqued the interest of many of his followers. He seemed to be relaxed as he took part in the £200 buy-in model of the game. It was not evident whether he made cash or lost much in the game. However, seeing him play the poker was enough to get others scrambling to the Empire casino.

Bieber is probably in town for gigs and in between he has been taking strolls flaunting camouflage jacket and t shirt of Purpose. Camouflage might be the motto, but it does little to keep the well known figure from been spotted by the paparazzi.