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Loss Of $100M For Gambler In Single Night

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Did the former organizer of poker Molly Bloom witness the biggest loss in gambling ever?
The film adaptation of Bloom’s 2014 memoir hit the theaters of U.S. the day of Christmas and to promote the project, Bloom can be spotted interviewing all around. Recently in to chat, Bloom revealed that she met the biggest poker loss ever saw first-hand.

She says “I saw somebody losing $100 million in a night,”
When asked “$100 million?” She said, yes, “$100 million,” “and he paid the next day.”

‘Aussie Matt’ Takes On Czech Mogul For Poker Loan Of $3 Million

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On May 27, during the early hours, two of the biggest names of professional gambling sat down in a high-stakes and private poker match. The venue was the Ivey Room, a posh enclave in Las Vegas in the Aria Resort & Casino. Leon Tsoukernik, an entrepreneur from Czech and casino mogul, was opposite to Matthew Kirk, an Australian gambler, who is known for his hefty bets.  There was a couple of other players present at the spot to watch the match.

Though, the session didn’t last long, however, money exchange of big amount take place at the time.

Shak set more winnings in future

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Poker is a leveled playing ground that treats all players on an equal footing; women with latent potential have not hesitated to leverage opportunities available in an ever-growing industry. Among those women who deserve the thumbs up for a terse and intriguing poker C.V is Beth Shak.

At the onset of her poker career in 2004, she had apprehension of shouldering immense losses choosing to play fictitious money games that provided leeway to play real money games. Playing online vibrantly has seen her join lucrative sites that have given her plethora bucks for her purse. For instance, she is a Pro Team in the Full Tilt Poker and is known for her unique approach to the game. (more…)

Sorel Mizzi a professional and renowned poker player

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He is a poker player who likes to play online poker games. Sorel was born in Canada on 16 April 1986. He is a professional poker player who likes to play online poker games as well cards. He is willingly named for the Imper1um” and “Zangbezan24”. He has many winning competition on his track records in the game of poker. He is a player who has good statistics on his name in the game of poker. He has cashed amount of $9. 2million in live poker games. He also plays online poker games that are known as Imperium. He is player of poker and online games that he plays with full dedication and hard work.

In September 2006, he has played 10 positions in the final game of poker. He is also sponsored by titan poker game. He plays with great technique and known as a player who plays for winning. You can learn lots of techniques in poker game and even online poker games. He was also caught in a scandal in the poker game. He was severely punished by for this crime I poker game. He has many titles of poker game on his name. He was later sponsored by titan team as well he was head of the pro poker team.

During 2010, his major winnings include finishing 13th in the $5,000. He has many wins in titan sponsored games. His way of playing and making the opposition player lose is what makes him different from other players. A fifth place in the $1,500 buys at victorious games that are sponsored by Titan. He has $9,231,333 cash wining on his name. His best record is about $1,341,459 of online winnings. He also has 22 titles to his name in the game of poker game. He made his top clash in the month of July in the year 2013 with 3rd positions.

Scotty Nguyen, a poker player of great emotion

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Scotty Nguyen is born on 28 October in the year 1962. He is a professional player of poker who has the best record in the game of poker. He won the ‘Poker Championship’ title five times. He is the winner of world bracelet and is well known poker player in Australia. The most interesting fact to say about this player is that he is the poker player who has two World Series titles of the WSOP main event on his name. He is currently one player who has fantastic resulted and winning titles to his name. HE is the player who has born in Vietnam, later he shifted to united state of America.

At the early age, he was in the game of poker. He learned the technical skill of playing poker game at the early age of 14. He has recognized as the poker player of the year 1998. He has won the titles with the great spirit and dedication to the game of poker. He described himself as a “fish” but one who likes to gamble while playing poker. He uses to play poker game online for gambling. Gambling poker games are interesting, but one should be playing it legally according to him. He was a great poker player as he had WSOP titles to his name in this game of poker.

He won the first tournament of $2000 Omaha 8 or better with prize $156,959. After that he won second bracelet in 1998 tournament of $10,000 Championship with prize $1,000,000. Then he won two bracelets in 2001 tournament of $2.500, ‘Pot Limit Omaha’ with prize of $178480, and ‘Split Eight or Better’ with prize of $287,580. In 2008 he won ‘$50,000 H.O.R.S.E. World Championship; with prize of $1,989,120. The most regretting thing about this player he was addicted to alcohol and drugs in his life.

Johnny Chan is Poker’s Unsung Knight

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Unlike classical live events poker games, online versions have given upcoming players who lack a sizeable bankroll incentive to participate at high stakes. Unlike buy-ins or sponsorships, players can leverage promotional incentives like bonuses to amass a large bankroll. Johnny Chan has not played much in these versions but has a nifty resume in poker. The peculiarities of his moves have propelled him to overly high stakes competitions where he has not dissipated his bets. The craze about him is informed by his plunge into the casino pedestals where he rubs shoulders with the likes of Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu.

He rose to fame in the 1980s, winning two consecutive events of the WSOP both in 1988 and 189. 2010 saw him make a couple of winnings that boosted his place in the poker industry. He acquired double awards, triumphed in various games like the Aussie-Millions and a €1 Million Challenge. Johnny Chan has additionally won 10 World Series of Poker golden bracelets and his total earnings in live events to date are more than $10 million. He has also participated in the EPT, where he cashed in twice, in 2011 and 2012. His name is indelible in the poker top-notch players of all time, as buttressed by Bluff Magazine, 2010 when he was voted best player of all times.

Although he did not give him coveted accolades in recent years, his efforts have not been fruitless. Johnny Chan tried to win the WPT and WSOP events. In the 43 Annual WSOP, although second, he got the sizeable earning of his lifetime. With such a brilliant resume in poker, there is no doubt he has inclinations to win more bracelets and take home prodigious money by winning major events. If he jumps into the high profile poker events, one cannot ignore his presence as he can take down a table with his surreptitiously instinctive moves.