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Most Talkative Poker Player

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Mike Matusow was born on 30th April, 1968 in Los Angeles, California. In the world of poker he is famous by his nickname “Mike the Mouth”, he got this name as players founds his speech irritating. He is even known as the “Mike Matusow Blowup”. Sometimes after suffering from a… Read more »

Last week’s big winners: Victor, Kyle and Patrick

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The online poker platform continues to give the thrill with great tournaments and huge cash exchanging hands. Last week, the poker world’s eyes were on the full tilt platform where the full tilt online poker series. The event which was on for a whole week came to an end with… Read more »

Chau Giang- the Legend of Poker

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Poker the game of intelligent mind can make or break your life. If played with due diligence, money showers on you. Chau Giang is a renowned name in the field of poker. He originates from Vietnam and presently resides in United States of America. He was born on 2nd July… Read more »

Matusow Outlasts Hellmuth

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At NBC heads up final, the performance of Matusow was incredible. He was playing against popular poker player Phil Hellmuth who is taken as number one player in the poker history. Matusow not only made the final table but he claimed for first prize also. It was the first time… Read more »

Poker Profile – Liv Boeree

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Liv Boeree has been a very successful female in the field of poker. She is from Kent, England and is renowned to be a great player of all times. She has grossed more than $2,000,000 in earnings from live tournaments. In her prior careers, she has been an astrophysics student,… Read more »

Mike Matusow Poker Tips

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Michael Matusow is one of the more recognizable poker players. Given his reputation for trash talk he is also known as ‘The Mouth’. He also has a reputation for something ruining a good run of play with a single error in judgment. Matusow’s career began in the early part of… Read more »