Jason Mercier : A Teacher Poker Player

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Jason Mercier is basically from Davie which is in United States. He is basically a teacher.

He knows Poker from his schooling him learned first poker. Then after he got success in poker is a change his career path and he becomes professionally poker player. He played his 1st game in European poker tour. He won $1.3 million in his career.  He has won total 20 career titles and 130 careers cash and he is ranked at 130 in poker player of the year in 2015 and won 590 points.

He has played in all the series and he won total 108 casinos. In world series of poker and total winnings was $2,206,140 and cashes was 41 and he has gone through 13 final table and he has won 2 bracelets in this series. And in world poker tour wining were $188,671 total cashes was 8 he has not won any championship in this series. In European poker tour winnings was $2,180,384 and total cashes he won was 10 and he has gone through 6 final tables and 2 championship was won by him. He has won $162,860 winnings in poker player of the year and rank was 190.

Recently he has played on 14thApril 2015 he has placed at 1st place from 15 entries and series was World poker Tour. And total buy-in of this series was $2200. Prize pool was $30000. Total winnings of this series were $18000. Game type of this series was eight mixes. His top cashes was played on 2ndJune 2014 which was played in world series of poker and game type was No Limit Hold’Em and he was placed at 2nd rank from 87 entries and buy-in was $100000 and prize pool was $8,613,000 Total winnings was $1,622,181 in this game and total points he gain were 800.