Loss Of $100M For Gambler In Single Night

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Did the former organizer of poker Molly Bloom witness the biggest loss in gambling ever?
The film adaptation of Bloom’s 2014 memoir hit the theaters of U.S. the day of Christmas and to promote the project, Bloom can be spotted interviewing all around. Recently in to chat, Bloom revealed that she met the biggest poker loss ever saw first-hand.

She says “I saw somebody losing $100 million in a night,”
When asked “$100 million?” She said, yes, “$100 million,” “and he paid the next day.”

Bloom narrated that the buy-in for her most exclusive and expensive games, which ran in L.A. and later in the New York City, was $250,000. Presumably that was the minimum buy-in for the event. According to her, it wasn’t unheard of for someone that he loses all buy-in in the first few hands of the evening.
She further said that “This game was populated by some of the most famous, most powerful and wealthiest men, in the New York City; my regular game was a $250,000 buy-in, no limit. So, people were on fire through that in the first 30 minutes a lot of times.”
The loss of $100 million raised a lot of red flags for her. The game that took a rake fell into the cross-hairs of federal prosecutors eventually in the early 2010s.
“As an owner-operator of a game, when you watch that you feel that these numbers are unsustainable and incredibly unhealthy,” Bloom recounted. “Thus, I was not at all happy about this loss. I find no joy in it or adrenaline. I realized it unhealthy and unsustainable.”
Celebrities in her games, which started around the poker boom height in the mid-2000s, included Dan Bilzerian, Alex Rodriguez, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Nick Cassavetes and Tobey Maguire. And also the billionaires like Andy Beal and Alec Gores.