25 thoughts on “Mike Matusow traps Daniel Negreanu with pocket Kings in big pot

  1. MrSimonvk

    terrible shove from Daniel: he does not really need to protect his hand and
    worse hands will never call.

  2. chrispmis

    I used to play at The Mirage when their poker room was the place to be for
    I got Matusow’s pocket K-K; I got the exact same flop; and I walked right
    into quad 9’s. Ouch. Play poker long enough and all kinds of weird shit
    will happen to you.

  3. georgetaylor100

    “That’s how you play poker boys”- What, so you are going to consistently
    pick up a high pocket pair and then flop a full house. Yeh sure. Matusow is
    a twat!

  4. chrispmis

    I love to hear Gabe Kaplan announcing. A lot of people don’t know it but
    he’s a great stand-up comic and he parlayed that into a TV career.

  5. chrispmis

    That all in by Daniel was less than a pro quality move. Lots of people play
    K-9, 9-J, or 9-10, all of them beat Daniel’s hand.

  6. Sleeper Jeep

    Matusow totally fucked himself when he reraised Daniel after the flop. He
    got lucky Danny shoved (should’ve just called (altho he knew he liley
    needed a 9 if beat) so that shove was reluctant. Ultimately the Mouth
    lucked out by what Neg had but he misplayed it imo as a call wouldve been
    much better play.

  7. TicTac2

    I am not a poker pro but did Negreanu have to go broke here… was Matusow
    going to 3bet the flop with KQ/AK given how passive he had been? what worse
    hand is he expecting to get called by, I suppose AK could get called by a
    worse king but I think Matusow flats most of the time there and why does
    Daniel then jam the flop? surely only Mike calls with a better 9 or KK,
    they were many references to how he was playing scared money.

  8. nevmiles

    I know, right? “That’s how you play poker, boys!” when you flop King’s
    full? My Mom sucks at poker and doesn’t even know how to play, but she
    could have played that as easily as Mike did. It’s easy to win when you
    flop a monster and your opponent hits something too…

  9. marcellothefellow

    When theres an all in preriver players in the pot can agree on running the
    cards once, twice, and so on. When they decided to run it twice basically
    they divide the pot in 2s and give the one half to first winner and 2nd
    half to 2nd winner. Only possible when playing live.

  10. flip92

    daniel is fucking retarded he is soooo bad at cash games.. all in with 999
    against the tightest player at the table raising? hopeless play from
    daniel, seen it so many times

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