Mike Matusow

The American poker professional Michael Matusow was born in April 30, 1968 in Los Angeles, California. Mike better known as “the mouth”, owing to his random talks while the game was on is presently residing in Henderson, NevadaHis poker experiences started at the tender age of 18. In these early years Mike was merely a poker fanatic that had its bearing on his physical activities and forced him to circum to continuous   shoulder and arm injuries. Moreover he took to anonymous gambling; was known to steal from his mothers purse on a regular basis to facilitate his doings. It was only in 1989 that Steve Samaroff turned the boy around; he was first made acquainted to the world of professional Texas Hold’em. This young boy grew up to be the proud winner of World Series of Poker Bracelets thrice and also the winner of the 2005 World Series of Poker Tournament of champions.

In 1998 World Series of Poker Matusow aided Scotty Nguyen’s entry in the event by sponsoring a part of his entry fee. Nguyen happened to win for which he paid a lump sum amount of $333,333 to Matusow. It was in 1999 that Matusow won his 1st world series of poker bracelet by defeating Alex Brenes also earning a whooping sum of $3,500. 2001 did not prove that lucky for him as he finished 6th and was taken aback by Juan Carlos’s sudden bluff. But the year 2002 won him his second bracelet and five thousand dollars when he defeated his close friend Daniel Nagreanu in this tournament. In 2005 World Series of Poker he managed to finish 9th , though in the same year he won the World Series of Poker Tournament of champions against Hoyt Corkins, winning 1 million dollars and thus creating history by  becoming the first player to win two million dollar prize amount in a single year. While 2008 World Series of Poker won him his third bracelet defeating Jeff Lisandro.

This famous poker genius is both loved and hated by his fans. Among his colleagues he earned a bad name owing to his bad mouth and use of foul language. His body weight also added to his distress and he was even known to have entered into a bet on it with Ted Forrest. He signed a contract with Deep stocks. Com so that he could become the dean of the university training beginners the skills of the game. Today he is associated with an online show “Mike the Mouth Live” undoubtedly propagating his skills world over.

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