25 thoughts on “TPBB – Greatest Laydown In Poker History (at WSOP 2008 Main Event)


    you are right… but he only said “ok” and still hold his cards in his hand… so if he would say “ok i fold” than its a clear thing.. but in this way its hard to decide

  2. TomMolivan

    verbal declaration of action is always above everything else so once he says “ok, I fold” it does not matter what he does, his hand is dead

  3. superdave31

    actually watching this again also could this even be a possible angle? i mean romanello keeps hold of his hand – so if the other guy turned over a bluff – could ramonello claim he hasnt actually folded?

  4. superdave31

    its really not the best fold in history tbh..
    weve all made top folds that if they were being recorded would be amazing videos – i had ace 2 on a 2 2 4 flop and i folded the turn – the guy had 4s ive also folded ace king on a king 8 2 ranbow flop to one check raise – the guy had bullets.. how class would i look?

  5. WaspSnG

    So you’re basically not even in your right commenting on a video like this, let a lone criticizing it…

  6. WaspSnG

    I just watched one of your video’s in which you state that you just lost half your bankroll (around $40 bucks) and eventually won it back. Than you stated that you never had a stack as big as $43 in a cash game…

  7. gigatava

    its the best fold in the poker history ! Geller gave him some information too… he Reraises and than said ” Just dont Raise me ” .. than he says that he would not show the cards, but than he said “Ok, i`ll show you” … if Geller would be silent Romanello could reraise there too … Bad play from Geller, good read from Romanello .

  8. ede38

    wtf you are talking about wannabe genius?! that is an amazing fold… has nothing to do with discipline… in 90+ % of all cases you’re way in front at that point with Jacks full… even a reraise would’ve been a good play here… he just had some sort of sick read i guess…. but you saying this is not a great fold is so pathetic…

  9. Izaak247

    Its not a genius fold it’s just a very disciplined one. If yo understand poker it really isn’t an amazing fold but like I said it’s very very disciplined

  10. DayDreamAscent

    The people saying this is a standard fold are $1 sit n go players who finish 9th every tournament.

  11. jhamburger100

    Most of the people saying it’s a standard fold probably would have 3-bet and gone broke there. Fact.

  12. Khaminor

    To be honest, it wasnt too hard to realise he was beat, but making that fold is psichologically hard, so many times i know im beat and i still call with top pair, he folded hacks full. I have improve my fold percentage it seems 🙂

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